Submittal Overview:

1. You will go to Plan Review>My Submittals.




2. Next you will be brought to the Account Activity Page. (Plan Review Submittals)


Plan Review Submittals

1.Show Results for All Sites- This allows you to look at any project you have submitted across All Sites

2. Submit a New Project- use to submit a new project

3. Project Title- Name of Project

4. Jurisdiction- shows you what jurisdiction the project was submitted to.

5. Application Type- show you the type of application you submitted

6. Action- will show you if any action needs to be taken on your part for that project submittal

7. Status- show the status of application

8. Submitted- shows date application was submitted

9. Approved- shows when the application is approved


3. Account Activity- (Inspections)


1. Schedule an Inspection- use to schedule a new inspection

2. Project- Will show the title of each project

3. Location- will show the address for Inspection

4. Inspection type- will show the type of each inspection

5. Requested—will show the date the inspection was requested 

6. Status- will show the status of each inspection requested. 


4. Account Activity- (Projects I’m Tracking)


Plan Review Projects- will show all projects you are currently tracking.