How to Submit an Application

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Click the Submit Application button and select the application you want to submit.



Now, you are ready to get started. Next, select the application category (if listed) and type., select

(Follow the prompts on the page and add any extra information needed depending on the type of Application you are preparing to submit)



We recognize that not all projects are the same, and some of the elements described below may not be included in a particular application. Please note that in many cases what follows will be included as part of the application submittal process.


Checklists are designed to let the application know what documents will be required for a complete submittal. Be sure to pay close attention to this list, as failure to provide all items may result in your application being slowed down or rejected.

You do have the option to print the checklist for your records by clicking on the print checklist button in the top right corner.



Project Contacts.
Project contacts may differ from application to application, but those marked in bold are generally required.


In this example, you can add a Property Owner/Applicant by clicking on the green + to the right of the drop-down box to add a new contact or select from a drop down list of your existing personal address book.


Need to add other contacts? 
Simply check the one you would like to add, and a new drop-down box will appear or select none to continue. If you have no more contact to add select "None”. ,



Project Location.

It's important to note where a project is located. For all portals, you can bulk add multiple parcels or addresses should your project span across more than one of these. 

For portals with GIS-enabled features, the system will conduct a real-time search of your address or parcel ID number and verify it as part of the application. Click "+ Add Project Address or Parcel" to begin.

Type the project address or parcel in the field provided.

If your address is valid, once you select that address, it will appear like below and, upon acceptance, be highlighted in a green address verified filter.,

If the address is NOT valid, the applicant will have the option to either retry the verification or submit it as unverified. Unverified addresses will be flagged in yellow.

Please note that for projects where fees are based on geographic information (such as acreage) an unverified address may result in fees not calculating at the time of submittal. A team member will reach out you as part of your review to indicate if fees are due.



Project Description.

A project description is an open-ended field designed to give the applicant the freedom to note the project narrative or outline. This can be a simple summary or a full letter of intent. Please pay close attention to the guidelines provided by the reviewing body.


Additional Project-Specific Fields.

Continue filling out the project information that is required for your application type. Required fields are indicated in bold, all other fields are optional. 

Review and Confirm.
Once you've completed the form you will be given an opportunity to look over the information and confirm or edit your entries. If you see any corrections that should be made, you can use the Edit button at the bottom of the screen to make those changes now. Once everything looks correct, please read and check the agreement at the bottom of the page and click the confirm button to continue to the upload portion of your submittal.





Once confirmed, you will move into the document upload and fee payment portion of the application (in the event they apply). Please follow the prompts to move forward.

Check out our other guides on the submittal process:

How to Upload Documents

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How to Confirm and Submit 




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