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If you would like to grant access for other people to view and/or help manage your project, you can do so by using the "Invite Contacts" feature found on the project page.  Often times during the plan review process this can be especially helpful because you can grant permission for the architect and engineer to respond to the appropriate comments and upload their revised documents on your behalf.  The permission system allows you to determine who can view your projects and what actions they can perform on each of those projects that they have access to.  To invite a contact or group of contacts first navigate to the project that you wish to invite them to, then click the " Invite Contacts" button found at the top right corner of the page.  If you do not see the " Invite Contacts" button, you do not have permission to invite users to this project.  If you feel that this is in error, you should contact the project owner and ask to be granted permission to invite contacts.

After clicking "Invite Contacts" you should see the following screen:

The "Permission Template" field allows you to select which permissions to grant the users that you will be inviting.  These permission templates are configured by the portal owner and may differ from site to site.  Typically you will want to grant users "Applicant" or "Full Admin" permissions.  This will allow your contact(s) to perform uploads and respond to plan review comments on your behalf.

If the user(s) that you wish to invite are already registered in the system, you can click the "To" button to select those users or groups of users from a list of existing system users and groups.  You can use the search field to search for a user by name, company, or email.  When you find the user that you're looking for, click the name of that user to highlight that row in blue, then click the "To ->" button at the bottom of the page to add them to the list.  Repeat this process for each user that you wish to add, then click the "OK" button at the bottom of the page.  Adding users to the "Cc ->" section will copy them on the email that is sent out but will not grant them permission, others will be able to see that they were copied on the email.  Adding users to the "Bcc ->" section will copy them on the email but not grant them permission, others will NOT be able to see that they were copied on the email.

If the contact(s) that you wish to invite are not already system users, you can still invite them by typing their email address(es) into the "To..." field.  This will send them an invitation to register to the system.  Once they complete the registration, they will be automatically granted access to the project and will be able to navigate to it and will have whatever permissions that you selected in the "Permission Template" field.

If you would like to add an attachment to the email you may do so by clicking the " Attachments" icon.  In the File Location field, select "Local" if the file that you wish to attach is located on your computer, select "Remote" if the file is already located within the project.  Follow the on screen instructions to complete the file attachment process.

Although the subject line and body of the email are pre-populated for your convenience, you can feel free to modify them in any way that you want.  You may notice some variables within the body of the email such as "<Contact Name>" or "<Project Link>".  These are system variables that will be replaced with the appropriate information once the email is sent.

Press "Submit" to complete the invitation process.  This will send an email to each user that you've selected and will grant the permission template that you selected to everyone in the "To..." field.

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