1. First, go to find My Dashboard on the Home screen.

A picture containing graphical user interface

Description automatically generated



2. Next, you are going to find the project you are wanting to Resubmit and click on the title of the Project.

Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated

3. The next page is going to present you with a task bar. Starting with the application. You will want to make sure all information is still correct. And make sure to check the approved box at the end before continuing.

4.  The next task is Respond to Issues.  You will want to go through each issue listed and respond to the issue to acknowledge it.





5. Next, you will want to upload the updated documents.



  • Select the documents you wish to upload from your computer or network.
  • Then select Start Upload.
  • You will be directed to the next page where you will want to hit save and continue once you are done uploading or inviting others to upload documents as well.



6. Next, you will be taken to the fees page and you will take care of any fees that are listed. If there are no fees go ahead and hit save and continue.

7. The last step is Confirming and Submitting. You will want to make sure to click “Confirm and Submit for Review”


You will get another prompt asking if you are sure you want to confirm and submit at this time.