Customizing Comment Properties - setting font sizes, colors, line thickness, borders etc.

Modified on Thu, 26 Aug 2021 at 03:13 PM

You can customize the appearance of your on screen comments (AKA Markups) by modifying the comment properties.  The instructions below will walk you through creating a comment, modifying that comment's properties, and then the optional step of saving those properties to use on all future comments.

1.  For this example we will use the "Callout" tool  to create a text comment.  Begin by opening a document and clicking the "Callout" tool.  Then click twice on the document to place that comment and then enter a simple text comment.

2.  Next, press Ctrl+E to display the "Properties" toolbar.  If the toolbar is floating in the middle of the screen, you can drag and drop the "Properties" toolbar on to the main toolbar for future use.


3.  Once you have the "Properties" toolbar visible, click on the comment that you just created to highlight it.  You should see that the "Properties" toolbar lights up with some options now. 

This will allow you to change the general appearance of the callout comment such as the line type, line thickness, line color, background color and opacity (but no text properties).  To modify the properties of the text within the callout, we need to double click the text in the callout to enter edit mode (you should see a cursor within the text box).  Select all or a portion of the text by either clicking the mouse and draging the cursor over the text or you can select all by pressing CTRL+A.  Once you select a text range, you should see that the "Properties" toolbar changes and allows you to modify the font face, color, size, alignment and more.

4.  Once you are happy with the appearance of your comment, you can save the properties for use in future stamps by right clicking on the comment and selecting "Make Current Properties Default".  The next time you use the callout tool your comment will use the new preferences.

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