Tabs: (Left Side of Page)

1. Document Tab: will show you all documents associated with the project, Submittal Docs, Permit Docs, Application, any check list, etc.

2. Issue Tab: Any issues logged during the review process will show here. 

3. Review Cycles Tab: this will show you the review cycles that have been completed or need to be completed.

4. Inspections Tab: any inspections that needs to be done will show here, also applicants can request inspections from this tab.

5. Submittal Data Tab: Applicants can edit application information from this tab.

6. Activity Log Tab: shows all activity that has taken place on the project itself.

                       Project Information: (Top Middle of Page)

7.Type: will show the type of application submitted.

8. Workflow: will show the type of workflow the application is attached to.

9. Jurisdiction: will show the jurisdiction that the application was submitted to.

10. Project Number: will show the project number (this number helps locate the project easier, especially if you need supports help)

11. Posted: will show the date and time the project was submitted

12. Applicant: will show who submitted the application.

13. Admin: will show the Project Admin over the project. (There is an envelope next to this name, you can email the project admin if you have questions directly related to the project.)

14. Description: the description you put on the application

15. Status: will show the Status of the Project.

16. Stage: will show the Stage of the Project.

17. Project Actions: this will allow you to invite different contacts to work on the project, and keep track of all project fees.