In order to provide the best possible system performance and enhanced functionality, some website data is stored within your browser.  If this information becomes outdated, corrupt, or somehow out of sync it can cause unpredictable issues with the website.  Clearing your browser's saved data only takes a few minutes and will force the application to reload all saved data often resolving these types of issues.  Please follow the steps below if you believe that you need to clear the saved site data from your browser.

Instructions for clearing saved site data

  • Open Google Chrome and navigate to the website.
  • Press F12  to open the developer tools. (Alternatively you may also use the "Ctrl +Shift +I " shortcut.)
  • Select the "Application" tab at the top, then the "Storage" menu item on the left, then the "Clear site data" button as seen below:
  • Once the data has been cleared, you may close the tab and try the website again.
  • If you continue to experience difficulty, please contact support.